Caregiver Background Checks to Protect the Elderly

With a large part of the population getting older, caring for the elderly is a booming industry. However, whenever you leave people unsupervised with at risk populations like the elderly there leaves room for malfeasance and abuse. Before hiring a caregiver to protect a loved one it is important that they undergo a thorough caregiver background check that includes a criminal background check, sex offender registry search and reference checks like education and employment verification. Understanding a caregivers past can shed light on their character and whether or not they have a propensity for crime including abuse and neglect.

An aging population means home health aides and caregivers are in high demand. Which makes it even more important to properly vet these people prior to letting them into the homes of the elderly unsupervised. With such high demand the temptation to forgo a background check by a home health agency is strong in order to have enough staff to meet current and ongoing demands. However, it is wise to conduct a thorough caregiver background check prior to sending them out to spend unsupervised time with the elderly. To learn more about caregiver background checks and why they should go through a thorough background screening process read recent press release found at:


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