Protecting Athletes and Campers with Background Screening

With summer approaching it is time for families to think about what their children will be doing over the long school break.  Summer opportunities for kids include summer camp, athletic camps and other events and ventures that could include staying overnight and living away from parents under the care of camp counselors, coaches, volunteers and other supervising adults.  The concern among others the parents have involve the safety of their children.  And one procedure that helps elevate this concern is that all camp counselors and adults that are going to have unsupervised time with their children is that they pass a thorough background check.

As parents weigh in on the different opportunities available to their children during summer break they often opt to send them to summer camp.

Summer camp comes in a variety of forms:

  • Day camp:  Generally a localized activity covering a single day and filled with a wide variety of activities.
  • Sleep over camp:  These camps can last from a single over-night to extended visits up to a couple of weeks or even months.
  • Theme camp:  A theme can extend to location or activity or both.  A week on a ranch in Montana tending to horses and cattle.  A weekend in the mountains learning about a different topography or geography and so on.

From (Mar. 30, 17):

Camp constitutes a place for kids to try new things, become more independent and gain self-confidence. Simple challenges for children include building fires, going on hikes or learning to ride horses; more complex situations, though, include understanding how to get along with others, learning to ask for help and trying things outside one’s comfort zone. Letting go can be difficult for parents, but it’s life-changing for kids. (1)

Camp is a great outlet for a child’s energy, time and curiosity.  As long as it takes place in a safe environment leaving the parent’s only worry being about how homesick their children might become.  Finding out that such a camp conducts rigorous background checks on all their staff brings another layer of safety that parents demand.  Included in this background screening process is always a thorough criminal background check that also queries every US States sex offender registries ensuring the camp staff has not had any sexual offenses in the past.

As a parent it is important to ask the camp what kind of background screening they conduct prior to letting them work in the camp with children.  When looking for a summer camp for a child one key component of any good camp is the thoroughness of the background check including interview and reference checks.  A complete background check is a powerful tool to utilize within any camp related screening program.  A top-notch background screening program including a solid interview dramatically increases the protection of a child from potential risk and malfeasance.

To read more about this subject read recent press release found here:

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