Schools Should Perform Thorough Background Screening

Schools both Public and Private Should Use Criminal Background Checks as Part of a Thorough Pre-Employment Background Screening Policy. Recently in New Hampshire a substitute teacher was charged with felony sexual assault on an underage student and then was found to have a prior felony conviction. This incident could have been avoided had the school performed a thorough and complete background check prior to hiring. Anyone working or volunteering at a school that has contact to children must be thoroughly vetted prior to allowing such contact. Performing an in-depth criminal background check as part of the employment screening process is certainly necessary for people interacting with at risk populations like students/children. A quality criminal background check could provide previous malfeasance and uncover past convictions that would disqualify such a candidate from employment at a public or private school. To learn more about recent headlines concerning schools and their background screening policies read recent press release found at:


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