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Consumer Rights in Background Screening

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was written and enacted into law to promote the accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. The FCRA makes it very clear to employers what is expected of them in regards to information gained for the purposes of employment screening. Among these is the mandate to get written permission from the potential job applicant prior to pulling criminal background checks on them. Employers are also required to give an adverse action notice and summary of rights as outlined by the FCRA if records were found that may adversely affect them. Although criminal records are classified as public records and are available to anyone through the courts, when used as part of an employment screening process have to adhere to the FCRA. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

More States Adding Ban-the-Box Legislation

The Governor of California signed into law the new legislation regarding ban-the-box. The bill bans government employers from asking job applicants about their criminal history until later in the hiring process.  Minnesota just recently expanded its existing law regarding the use of criminal background checks in the employment screening process into law to now also cover private employers like Minneapolis based Target Corporation.  In light of this new law Target announced that they will remove questions about criminal history from job applications all over the country.  Additionally New Jersey is looking into enacting similar legislation but has been confronted with opposition from the State Chamber of Commerce.  One thing is clear the ban-the-box initiative isn’t going away, on the contrary is has gained significant momentum and looks to be on the current agenda for more US States.  To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

Don’t Under Estimate the Importance of Risk Mitigation

The underlying motive of background screening is risk mitigation and it is a critical part of any successful pre-employment screening process. Background screening reports that should be utilized in the hiring process include criminal record checks, social security number validation, driving records (when applicable), consumer credit reports (when necessary), and sex offender registry checks. These background reports along with a thorough in person interview and credentials check together reduce the chances of making a bad hire and reducing the risks associated with a bad employee. Risk mitigation achieved through professional employment background screening protects a company or organization, protects other employees already in place and customers or others that they may come in contact with while working for the company or organization. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

EEOC Files 2 Big Law Suits

The EEOC just recently filed suit against two big firms because of their use of criminal history checks in their employment screening program. Criminal background checks are used by 69% of US Employers within their pre-employment and employment screening process. The EEOC guidelines are causing a lot of ripples in the employment screening arena. Some employers are clearly not discriminating candidates based on any of the protected classes listed under federal law; however, even non-purposely disproportionate results can lead to a law suit as the EEOC just made clear. It is a good time for employers to work with third party background screening companies to review their current employment screening policies and make any necessary updates to it to protect themselves from employment related law suits. It is especially important to review the use of criminal background checks in the hiring process. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

Background Screening for Youth Sports Coaches on the Rise

Background screening is a low cost tool that can help with non for profit risk management policies and in the case of youth sports can help protect children. Although background checks are widely used for employment screening purposes it has not been used as extensively for screening volunteers, coaches and caregivers of at-risk populations. However recent news articles show that these types of background checks are increasingly gaining traction as an accepted and expected process. This is most apparent with youth sport leagues looking to perform background checks on sports coaches and assistants. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

Should Fathers be Background Checked to go to Daughters Dance?

A new requirement at an elementary school had fathers get background checked before they could attend the annual father-daughter dance. Some parents took this in stride while others complained it was an invasion of their privacy. This might be too extreme of measures to try and protect children. Since the father lives with the daughter anyway what good is a criminal background check going to do to avoid harm to his daughter? Seems a bit ridiculous and also knowing how many people will be at the dance makes it even more difficult for any crime against children to be made at such an event. Volunteer background checks are a good idea but running a criminal background check on the father of an elementary school’s daughter to attend a dance is flat out ridiculous and too far the other way. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

Should Background Checks be Performed on Volunteers and Contractors?

Yes. Volunteers and Contractors that have access to your home or at risk populations like children, elderly, and mentally challenged or disabled people should definitely get background checked prior to working. Criminal background checks as part of the background screening process should be performed on volunteers and contractors the same as will full time employees. Background checks on volunteers and contractors especially those in contact with at risk populations is a tremendous risk mitigation tool that can help keep people safe. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

Are Background Checks Accurate?

Most background checks performed through a professional background screening company are very accurate and reliable. However, in the news recently a woman was connected to a felony criminal record because of identity confusion. This is rare but occasionally happens when performing background checks. When this happens any professional background screening company would be able to assist the person in correcting the mistake and clearing the slate which should have been clear to begin with. has been a professional background screening company for over a decade and assists its clients with all aspects of background screening particularly employment and pre-employment screening. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:

Background Screening of Tour Guides


New Orleans tour guides must now pass a criminal background check in order to be a licensed tour guide. The tour guides are saying that this requirement is unconstitutional as violates the First Amendment. True that it is in a way free speech but also true that these tour guides spend most of their time with groups of tourists and with a criminal past could be a threat to them. Others would argue that there is no unsupervised time spent with tourists as they are in big groups which would make criminal activity very difficult. The debate continues… To read more about tour guides and background screening read recent press release found at:


Public Records

Public records as defined in the USA are any publically available records, particularly court records. Public records range from criminal records to eviction records. Any American can go to a county court house and lookup public records themselves. However, these days with the advent of the Internet and large scale databases many people lookup public records like criminal records online through a third party background checking company like To read more about public records please visit “Public Records” page found at: