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EEOC Exposes Discrimination in use of Criminal History Searches

New EEOC Enforcement Guidance Document expresses discrimination concerns of the use of criminal history searches in modern day employment screening practices.  The document emphasizes the huge race and national origin disparity shown by the number of arrests; convictions and prison time of minorities verse Whites. This disparity makes it much more difficult for minorities to get jobs and thus increases recidivism based on lack of opportunity continuing the vicious cycle that stagnates the problem and doesn’t seek to fix it.

The Enforcement Guidance states that in the USA as many as 1 in 3 African American men and 1 in 6 Hispanic men are expected to serve time in prison verses only 1 in 17 White men.  It is quoted that, “African Americans and Hispanics are arrested at a rate that is 2 to 3 times their proportion of the general population (assuming that current incarceration rates remain unchanged).
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Data Relevancy and New Precision Search Matching

And other reasons why it is a good time to check out or re-visit

More and more of our prospective clients have been telling us that they want more relevant criminal history reports with higher precision and less frivolous and erroneous data.   They want to look at a report, know it is the person they have investigated and have the information they are seeking perfectly clear in front of them.  They do not want to spend their time trying to decipher complicated, confusing and poorly formatted criminal background record reports. over the years has established its reputation as a company that not only listens to their customers requests, but also makes changes and product upgrades according to them.  Over the course of this year has made unprecedented upgrades to the overall quality of its criminal history reports.  The two major initiatives they focused on were report-formatting and data relevancy.  The site has also invested heavily in a new precision search algorithm that gives its clients the information that they are seeking without bogging them down with irrelevant or unnecessary data.   In addition to these achievements has also made significant advancements in its overall background checking retrieval system, making this a good time to visit or re-visit the site as a candidate for your criminal background retrieval requirements.

2 BIG Reasons why it is a Good Time to Visit or Re-Visit

REASON #1 – Along with offering monthly billing, packaged background check solutions (including Employment Screening packages), we are now giving better pricing than we were able to offer last year.

REASON #2 – Better quality criminal history reports with a better background retrieval system (which now incorporates precision search matching with higher data relevancy).

Our Proposal to your Company:
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You get both of the above background checks plus a Free National Sex Offender Check, Free America’s Most Wanted Search and Free International Terrorist Database Search for one low bundled price.

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Now accepting ‘Google Checkout’ as form of payment for criminal searches!

Introducing **Google CheckoutTM**Google Checkout online payment services became available in the United States on June 28, 2006.  And less than a year later added it as a payment option for its users when placing orders for criminal background checks.  More and more Internet buyers are switching from standard credit cards to alternate forms of payment when ordering online.  Google Checkout is one of these online payment alternatives, and is now welcoming its users.  We here at have recognized this trend and have pinpointed its momentum to a few simple facts; people want to avoid credit card fraud, want a safer way to order online without revealing their personal financial information to online retailers, and to simplify the ordering process by data entry reduction.

What is Google Checkout?

Google Checkout is an online payment processing service provided by Google Inc., aimed at simplifying the purchasing process of paying for products and services over the Internet. Users store their credit card, debit card and their shipping information in their Google Account.  This allows them to purchase goods at participating online stores at the click of a button.  In addition, Google Checkout also offers fraud protection, as well as a unified page for the purposes of tracking all purchases made and to display the current status of each order/purchase.

How does Google Checkout work?

With Google Checkout, buyers use a single username and password (instead of manually entering billing and shipping information) to complete purchases online.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • Find something you’d like to purchase online that accepts Google Checkout.
  • Add it to that online retailers shopping cart or ordering page
  • Check out and complete your purchase, click the Google Checkout button.
    • You’ll need to log in to your account, or create one if you haven’t already.
  • Review your order details and place order. That’s It!
    • After placing an order, you will get a confirmation email with receipt.

Why did add Google Checkout as a payment option?

Google Checkout lets you easily send money through the Internet without compromising the privacy of your credit card, debit card or other financial information.  Google Checkout makes online shopping quick and easy so you can order criminal history checks more conveniently than before.

Using Google Checkout at has these benefits:

  • Shop with confidence.
    • Google Checkout’s fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized purchases made through Google Checkout, and Google Checkout does not share your purchase history or full credit card number with sellers, not even…
  • No more entering your billing & shipping info every time you place an order.
  • No need to create multiple accounts and passwords.
  • Track all your orders and shipping in one place.
  • Control commercial spam.
    • You can keep your email address confidential, and easily turn off unwanted emails from online stores where you use Google Checkout. added Google Checkout as a new form of payment for its criminal background reports because of the sheer size and influence Google Inc. has over the Internet.  We know and recognize that other methods of online payment; primarily PayPal (which is also available as a payment option for background checks on this site) currently has significantly more online users than Google Checkout.  However, we expect the use of Google Checkout as an online payment option to increase as the marketing arm of Google Inc. starts to flex.  We know that Google will continue to improve upon its current products and most certainly its Google Checkout product.  With the large amount of people power and financial resources Google has at its fingertips, we can expect this online payment alternative to continually improve.  For current updates and information regarding Google Checkout, you can visit the official blog of Google Checkout at: an Information Enterprises Inc. solution delivers high quality, well-formatted, substantive criminal background reports to the entire United States.  This site can perform county level criminal background checks in every county in the nation. also conducts statewide instant and non-instant criminal history checks, and can even do a national criminal search (currently covering forty-six of the fifty US states).  Even though the national background check does not include a few states, this site still offers criminal background checks in every state in the country.  It is now possible for current members and new customers to use Google Checkout to order their criminal background checks online.  And now that has added Google Checkout as a payment method, current members and new customers have more payment options, leaving the choice of payment up to you, the customer.

We have also added Google Checkout as a form of payment for our criminal history reports in order to allow new users (who may only exclusively use Google Checkout when ordering online) to have the opportunity to purchase criminal background reports from the industry leader. aspires to be the most trusted source for online criminal background reports in the USA, and hopes this press release demonstrates our willingness to improve our current product suite and the overall customer experience.