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EEOC Exposes Discrimination in use of Criminal History Searches

New EEOC Enforcement Guidance Document expresses discrimination concerns of the use of criminal history searches in modern day employment screening practices.  The document emphasizes the huge race and national origin disparity shown by the number of arrests; convictions and prison time of minorities verse Whites. This disparity makes it much more difficult for minorities to get jobs and thus increases recidivism based on lack of opportunity continuing the vicious cycle that stagnates the problem and doesn’t seek to fix it.

The Enforcement Guidance states that in the USA as many as 1 in 3 African American men and 1 in 6 Hispanic men are expected to serve time in prison verses only 1 in 17 White men.  It is quoted that, “African Americans and Hispanics are arrested at a rate that is 2 to 3 times their proportion of the general population (assuming that current incarceration rates remain unchanged).
View full Press Release on the subject at:


Online Degrees and Verifying Educational History

Exaggerating ones job resume or getting an unearned degree from some diploma mill like Dickinson State University can be caught prior to hiring through education verification.  Education verification is an add-on service to most employment screening programs. offers many types of professional verifications including education verification and the cost is less than $20 to perform a professional verification.  Adding this service to already existing employment screening programs more than pays for itself by helping you sift out candidates that lied on their applications or deceived you in an interview.

In today’s job marketplace the burden is on Human Resources to sift out the fraudulent candidates from the legitimate ones; and outsourcing their employment screening and education verifications to a professional background screening company helps them pick the right candidate. offers professional verifications including education verifications to all United States businesses both for profit and non-for profit including all industries as well as government agencies to help them make sound hiring decisions based on fact not fiction.

Employment Background Checks Create a Safe Work Environment

The statistics are clear, workplace violence both recorded and under the radar impact business productivity significantly with over 1.5 million work days lost annually.  This does not include all the unreported lost days due to workplace harassment and violence.  According to the FBI the majority of incidents that employees/managers have to deal with on a daily basis are lesser cases of assaults, domestic violence, stalking, threats, harassment (to include sexual harassment), and physical and/or emotional abuse that make no headlines.

With the facts now being produced it makes more sense now than ever for Human Resource professionals and those involved in the hiring of new employees to put a sound employment screening system in place.  Employment background checks performed through a professional third party provider help thwart future workplace violence by discarding potential employees that represent a threat to the workplace environment.  Many times background investigation can surface past incidents that provide clear signs of behavior habits that could pose a significant threat to workplace environments.  Properly vetting these candidates allows for filtering out of such high risk candidates thus increasing a business’s odds of having a violence and harassment free work place.  This saves the company a lot of money over time and provides a safe and sane work environment for all employees.

Summer is near– Time to Consider a Background Check on that Temp Hire

It is wise to vet part time workers with a proper background check before hiring

The economic recession certainly is not over, but summer jobs are growing as businesses are more likely to hire part time help instead of taking on full time employees.  Since companies are not required to offer the same benefits to part time employees as they are with full time employees the financial risk and burden of part timers are much more preferred than full timers.  Part time employees are widely considered a lower risk for a company than hiring a full time employee.  However, if proper employment screening for part time workers is not in place or ignored than the risks, costs and potential reputation loss can make them much more risky than fully vetted full time employees.

Temporary workers, part-time employees and seasonal employees should all be vetted the same as full timers to protect the company, existing employees and all those that these part timers come across while on the clock representing your company.

Performing a social security number trace and criminal background check (usually a national background check and then county background checks at places where red flags were raised) is a quick, affordable and reliable way to avoid hiring a criminal, sex offender or person with a penchant for violence.  It is clear that a part-time or seasonal worker can be just as disruptive and costly to an organization as a full time employee can be.

Full article: Summer’s Coming: Background Checks and Temporary Hires

Modern Age of Information Interchange and Employment Transiency

A good time to double check your employment screening list

For US Businesses looking to take advantage of modern age background screening tools this article lists them out nicely and explains each their respective usages along with the benefits they bring.

With electronic data at our fingertips all day via any computer with Internet access, going to a site like to pull instant background checks fits nicely into today’s technology luxuries.

Utilizing social security traces to get previous addresses allows employers to pinpoint where they conduct criminal history checks.  Taking some time to review your employment screening process may result into creating a new process that incorporates instant criminal checks, SSN validation, professional verification and perhaps even a federal court search.

Full article: Employment Screening Checklist for United States Businesses

Finally Employment Background Checks designed for Human Resource Professionals

From a look into the day to day responsibilities of human resource professionals in the United States the creation of a new background check system emerged that provides quality background checks and screening packages at an affordable price.

Employment Background Checks - Human Resource ProfessionalsNot only does the system give you more for your employment screening dollar it also supplies formatted criminal reports and other background history report in an intuitive and easy to understand way.  Placing orders is faster and can include multiple background checks within the same order minimizing data entry and allowing for all your search results to come back as one complete order and be available for viewing online and printing.

Employment background checks are essential to any effective employment screening process, but is showing that they don’t have to be a headache or budget buster to be successful.

Full article:  Employment Background Check for HR Employment Screening

New Background Check System

Criminal Record Report Retrieval and Display Upgrades Makes Ordering Online more Efficient and Safer

Users of online criminal background check ordering now have more reason to use  The site has improved its processing of background check requests while increasing overall ordering security.

New Background Check SystemCriminal search results now use the Department of Justice’s new JXDM standard for formatting of criminal rap sheets.  That gives customers of the site more data elements within their returned criminal background check results.  Basing the new background check retrieval system on this newly standardized criminal report formatting gives users more robust search results.

Adding measures increasing FCRA compliance of the sites employment screening customers demonstrates the sites willingness to comply with current laws surrounding the proper use of public records such as criminal records.  By leaving behind old technology and implementing new cutting edge technology the site has positioned itself as the leader in the online background check industry.

Full article:  New Background Check System

Employment Screening Background Checks & FCRA Compliance

The staff at has heard from human resources managers, individuals and other corporate personnel throughout the United States regarding issues pertaining to employment screening practices.  What we have found is that there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty regarding the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and what real life employment screening practices need to do to remain or become compliant. The top issues on this list include how to appropriately use public records like criminal background checks in the business world, how to protect yourself from applicant fraud, and how to ensure that your company has procedures compliant with applicable law relating to hiring, firing or promoting of employees primarily as defined in the FCRA.  This article addresses these concerns and demonstrates why using a background check provider like is a wise choice in today’s market place.  The availability and feasibility of quality criminal background checks, along with social security validation, gives employers the ability to effectively screen applicants within their desired timeframe demanded by the industry.

Today there is another tool available to employers in addition to criminal background checks.   This tool is the social security number & address history trace.  This important new component to a sound employment screening model is known as an SSN Trace, SSN Validation, or SSN Check.  This quick search can determine if the SSN being used by an applicant is in fact valid, and to ensure that this applicant is in truth who they claim to be.  Performing a criminal background check today in conjunction with an SSN Validation and address history trace is a wise choice.

Commonly asked Employment Screening Questions:

  • Do all employers need to have applicants or employees sign a release form before performing a background check? YES, and must give disclosure (FCRA – 1681B).
  • If an applicant/employee requests to review a copy of their criminal background record, does the employer need to show or provide a copy of the criminal record to the applicant? NO, under federal law you are not required too, unless there is an adverse action.  However, state laws vary; for instance Massachusetts Law gives all employees full access to their files at their place of employment.
  • If an employer takes adverse action on an applicant or employee because of a criminal background check, does the employer need to give notice stating that a criminal background check has adversely affected them? YES, employers must notify the applicant.
  • Are employers required to keep criminal background checks on file? Currently this is up to the judgment of the employer.
  • Knowing that a county criminal search is the most trusted criminal history check available in the USA today, why do employers run instant state or instant national criminal background checks first and not county checks? Coverage – They want a larger area covered to enhance their chances of finding a record if in fact one exists.  Speed – A county search can take days to complete and in order to not create a bottleneck in employment screening processes, the faster searches are preferred.  NOTE:  The quality of instant criminal searches has dramatically improved over the years.  Statewide instant criminal background checks & the National instant criminal background check if accessed through a provider like are now very reliable.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) & Background Checks (Public Records) for Employment Purposes
(Sections 604, 606, & 615 of the FCRA explain the responsibilities of using consumer reports for employment purposes.) adheres to part 2 of section 613 of the FCRA (a site owned and operated by Information Enterprises Inc.) has customers that use its criminal background checks for employment purposes.  For such customers the site maintains strict procedures to ensure that whenever a criminal history record is found in conjunction with legitimate employment purposes, that it is confirmed through a county background check to ensure that the record in question is in fact current and accurate.  These policies are in place so that employers can be confident that the criminal information they are receiving is both complete and current.

The FCRA is designed primarily to protect the privacy of consumer report information and to guarantee that the information supplied by consumer reporting agencies is as accurate as possible. Amendments to the FCRA — which went into effect September 30, 1997 — significantly increase the legal obligations of employers who use consumer reports. Congress expanded employer responsibilities because of concern that inaccurate or incomplete consumer reports could cause applicants to be denied jobs or cause employees to be denied promotions unjustly. The amendments ensure (1) that individuals are aware that consumer reports may be used for employment purposes and agree to such use, and (2) that individuals are notified promptly if information in a consumer report may result in a negative employment decision.   Federal Trade Commission – Details and URL found at the bottom of this document

Most of today’s employers perform criminal background checks on their applicants.  They also pull other consumer reports as part of their pre-employment screening processes.  And some employers even perform background checks on current employees (usually for reassignment, promotion or retention purposes).  Not all employers are the same, for instance; one employer may only want a reference check while others may want to see driving records and criminal history reports.  For security jobs or high level positions usually an investigative consumer report will be ordered.  This report differs from the others in one key aspect; it includes interviews with the applicant’s friends, neighbors, and associates which addresses the very character of the person.  An investigative consumer report has separate legal issues concerning it.  These investigative reports have stricter compliance issues than regular consumer reports like credit checks or criminal history checks and therefore have specific guidelines associated with them that are spelled out in the FCRA (You can read them in Section 606 – Disclosure of investigative consumer reports). actively incorporates compliance issues into its product offering, and constantly is enhancing the quality of its background reports.  A sound screening policy that we would recommend to employers is to run a social security validation check along with a statewide or national criminal check first and then if a record is found (that would adversely effect the applicant) to then run a county search where the record was found in.  This ensures you are getting the most accurate and complete record available before making any employment related decisions based in part or in whole by the public record information we provided.

Bundled Employment Screening Background Check Packages are now available from and include combinations of varying criminal background checks and a social security validation & address history trace.  Each option includes a free National Sex Offender Check, Terrorist Database Search & USA Most Wanted List Search.  Please visit us online at: where you can become a member for free and start accessing quality criminal background checks today, over the Internet in minutes!

If you are interested in reading more about employment screening background checks practices and the use of consumer reports; we recommend that you, employers, and human resource professionals throughout the United States read the following article from the Federal Trade Commission under “Facts for Businesses” titled:  “Using Consumer Reports:  What Employers Need to Know” found at the following URL:

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Monthly Billing with Net Terms – Member Benefits for Criminal Background Check

Monthly Billing with Net Terms Now Available
Also, More Reasons Why it is a Good Time to Become a Member of

If you are a new user of our online criminal background checking system or a long time customer, this article is worth a read.  You may be able to get more out of than you are currently aware of.  We want you to know that we are not a static company, but an evolving entity that is constantly making upgrades to our website, transactional system, criminal background retrieval processes, criminal reports, billing options, customer services, quality controls, security safeguards, customer confidentiality and information protections, infrastructure, general operations and all other relevant parts of our business.

Payment Options
We offer a variety of ways to pay for a criminal background check on our website.  As a convenience to you we accept PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, and now accept Company Checks through our new monthly billing service. Monthly Billing Service
As a monthly billed member of you will get Net 15 payment terms.  This should help your company’s cash flow and make life easier for your accounts payable department.


  1. You place multiple background checks in January
  2. At the end of January we send you an invoice via email for orders you placed in January
  3. Then you have 15 days from date of invoice to pay the bill (February 15th would be your due date).
  4. That’s it!  You can process criminal background checks 24/7 every day of the year!
    1. As a monthly billed member you can view previously placed orders, old invoices, and have access to other useful information like employment screening documents.

Employment Screening
For people using our background checks for employment screening purposes, they will have access to industry forms and other documents as a courtesy to help them remain compliant with current laws and regulations regarding issues pertaining to hiring, not hiring, promoting, retaining and reassigning potential or active employees.

Here are some of the forms and documents we provide to our clients:

  • Employer Certification – Required when requesting consumer reports for employment purposes.
  • A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA
  • Sample Employee Release Forms like Adverse Action Letters
  • And informational pieces like “What Employers Should Know” has taken a proactive role to help keep its members compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all other laws pertaining to employment screening and the proper use of consumer reports like criminal background checks.  Although we do not offer legal advice as we are not a law firm; we do value our clients and want them to remain compliant with current laws affecting their business and so we offer certain informational pieces to promote awareness and due diligence.

Reasons why it is a good time to become a monthly billed member – A List of Benefits

  • Speed.  We free up your valuable time with our online background checking system
    • Once you log into our site the data entry required to run a criminal search is minimal
    • Most of our criminal background checks can be performed instantly
  • Account History. We store your order results for 60 days and make them only available to you. This allows you to access and print out previous orders.
  • Convenience.  You can order background checks 24/7 any day of the year
  • Transactional. Run a criminal background check with SSN Validation & Address History Traces
  • Choice.  Run national background checks, statewide, multi-state and/or any county in the USA
  • Payment Options.  Pay with either PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit Card or Check
  • Paperless.  Have invoices emailed to you while taking advantage of our Net Terms
  • Storage.  Enjoy your own allocated storage space on one of our servers
    • Store invoices, previously placed orders, account information and more
  • Human Contact.  Get direct access to a client specialist and our customer service team

* has policies and procedures in place to help thwart its customers from using its furnished reports for any illegal use and/or purpose including unlawful discrimination, identity theft, violation of privacy, and defamation of character.