Caregiver Background Checks

As the population continues to age in the USA the need for caregivers increases, however the continuing articles in the news show abuse in many forms to this at-risk population.  It is imperative that the US community come together in defense of the elderly in this critical time of widespread abuse from malfeasant individuals.  Taking care of and defending at-risk populations is a serious problem in this modern society and that is why thorough criminal background checks are crucial tools that must be used during the vetting process of any caregiver, especial those with access to the home and those who have unsupervised time with this vulnerable part of the population.
Background checks are generally based on public records and references and, subsequently provide an immediate and unique snapshot of an individual’s past.  When it comes to the background screening of caregivers a criminal history check must include a sex offender registry check and query from the American Most Wanted Lists.
Challenges continue to exist for at-risk populations, specifically the elderly and young children, and examples continue to appear on the headlines almost daily.

A recent investigation in New York State revealed that several employees of a nursing facility had been convicted of felonies prior to being hired to work with the elderly.

An expert commented on the situation on August 4, 2017 in a WKBW report (; Aug 04, 17):

“Nurses, and especially people working in nursing home facilities, are working with some of the most vulnerable of our population,” … “We’re talking about elderly people, people with dementia, people with memory issues, people who are most susceptible to economic crimes and to physical abuse, and people who cannot necessarily speak up for themselves because they’re in this vulnerable position in a nursing home.”

At this critical time in the evolution of the USA It is imperative that hiring managers for caregiver facilities work with a professional employment screening company to ensure compliance with existing laws and to guarantee the background reports are current and accurate.  Even families that hire caregivers on their own should also utilize a professional background screening company to thoroughly vet any new potential caregiver before giving them access to their elder family member.

To read more about this subject read recent press release found here:

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