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Summer is near– Time to Consider a Background Check on that Temp Hire

It is wise to vet part time workers with a proper background check before hiring

The economic recession certainly is not over, but summer jobs are growing as businesses are more likely to hire part time help instead of taking on full time employees.  Since companies are not required to offer the same benefits to part time employees as they are with full time employees the financial risk and burden of part timers are much more preferred than full timers.  Part time employees are widely considered a lower risk for a company than hiring a full time employee.  However, if proper employment screening for part time workers is not in place or ignored than the risks, costs and potential reputation loss can make them much more risky than fully vetted full time employees.

Temporary workers, part-time employees and seasonal employees should all be vetted the same as full timers to protect the company, existing employees and all those that these part timers come across while on the clock representing your company.

Performing a social security number trace and criminal background check (usually a national background check and then county background checks at places where red flags were raised) is a quick, affordable and reliable way to avoid hiring a criminal, sex offender or person with a penchant for violence.  It is clear that a part-time or seasonal worker can be just as disruptive and costly to an organization as a full time employee can be.

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Seasonal Hires and Your Company Reputation – How a Criminal Background Check can Help

Anyone that wears your company uniform or works on your staff including seasonal or part time employees still represents you and your company.  With five finger discounts and free handouts to family and friends benevolently being distributed by part time workers can cost your business lots of money and even worse destroy that great reputation it took you 20 years to build.

Running an instant criminal background check and social security validation is a fast and efficient means to mitigate the risk associated with seasonal and part time employees.  Part time employment is necessary for businesses that experience higher demand during the holiday season, but if they are committing fraud, embezzlement, theft, property damage or destroying your hard earned reputation the benefits they bring quickly fizzle into impediments.

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Risk Mitigation Background Screening

Concise Listing of Potential Risk for Employers and Landlords that Background Screening Tools help Mitigate

Risk mitigation protects employers, landlords, apartment managers/owner and individuals from potential harm.

This risk mitigation educational article explains clearly and specifically how the element of background screening if done properly with the full utilization of today’s background check tools can be a cost effective and reliable way to protect people, property, finances and reputation.

Find out how companies use a criminal background check, social security verification, and an education and employment verification to protect themselves from unnecessary risk.

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Finally Employment Background Checks designed for Human Resource Professionals

From a look into the day to day responsibilities of human resource professionals in the United States the creation of a new background check system emerged that provides quality background checks and screening packages at an affordable price.

Employment Background Checks - Human Resource ProfessionalsNot only does the system give you more for your employment screening dollar it also supplies formatted criminal reports and other background history report in an intuitive and easy to understand way.  Placing orders is faster and can include multiple background checks within the same order minimizing data entry and allowing for all your search results to come back as one complete order and be available for viewing online and printing.

Employment background checks are essential to any effective employment screening process, but CriminalBackgroundRecords.com is showing that they don’t have to be a headache or budget buster to be successful.

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New Background Check System

Criminal Record Report Retrieval and Display Upgrades Makes Ordering Online more Efficient and Safer

Users of online criminal background check ordering now have more reason to use CriminalBackgroundRecords.com.  The site has improved its processing of background check requests while increasing overall ordering security.

New Background Check SystemCriminal search results now use the Department of Justice’s new JXDM standard for formatting of criminal rap sheets.  That gives customers of the site more data elements within their returned criminal background check results.  Basing the new background check retrieval system on this newly standardized criminal report formatting gives users more robust search results.

Adding measures increasing FCRA compliance of the sites employment screening customers demonstrates the sites willingness to comply with current laws surrounding the proper use of public records such as criminal records.  By leaving behind old technology and implementing new cutting edge technology the site has positioned itself as the leader in the online background check industry.

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Access to Federal Court Records only one month away!

In September 2010, you can start searching for Federal Court Records on CriminalBackgroundRecords.com by ordering their new Federal Search product.

The federal search returns both civil and criminal felonies as well as other information on file and encompasses almost the whole United States Federal Court System.  This includes all civil, criminal and bankruptcy courts coast to coast.

Although it is not an instant background check like other background checks offered by CriminalBackgroundRecords.com, you will get your order results back in most cases the same day you placed the order, as long as it is on a business day and not placed too late in the day.

Open arrest warrants are also included in the federal court search if there are cases awaiting trial or if the person being investigated has failed to appear in court.  In any case, all records and information sent to CriminalBackgroundRecords.com from the federal court houses is sent in its entirety to the customer who placed the order.

Breakdown of term FBI Background Check

How background check sites like CriminalBackgroundRecords.com include FBI Most Wanted Records for free with each criminal background check ordered.

The FBI Background Check press release gives multiple scenarios where the term, “FBI Background Check” is used along with each of their respective meanings.  This term is used to describe varying forms of background checks that involve some level of FBI records or lists maintained by the FBI.  One such list is the FBI Most Wanted List which is a free background check by CriminalBackgroundRecords.com for each of its customers every time they place a criminal background check.

For the curious, the press release also gives a concise summary of the creation and history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) formerly known as the Bureau of Investigation (BOI).  The paper also gives detailed step by step information for accessing and getting Federal Records, especially FBI Records.

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History of the National Background Check

It has only been in recent history that a national criminal background check can be performed instantly through a site like CriminalBackgroundRecords.com.  Although, as the article explains, the current national background check being offered is not in fact a true 50 state national background check.

Currently there is not a full 50 state criminal background check available in the USA.  However, the press release does outline the history of the gradual integration of new states into the national background check; which has caused the national search to become closer and closer to a true 50 state criminal background check.

The current instant national background check available today does include a true 50 state sex offender registry search for free in addition to the standard 46 state criminal conviction search included with a national background check ordered online today at CriminalBackgroundRecords.com  (including felonies and some misdemeanors).

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International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL

All our Background Checks include a Free Background Check of the Interpol Most Wanted List Check

International Criminal Police Organization – Most Wanted (Interpol Most Wanted)

Interpol, whose full name is the International Criminal Police Organization, is an international group that facilities the cooperation of police agents worldwide.  Established in the early 1920’s as the International Criminal Police Commission, it has since been known as INTERPOL – the International Criminal Police Organization.  This new name became adopted in 1956 and is still in place today.

Interpol’s headquarters is located in Lyon, France, and currently has 188 countries around the world with active membership.  The organization is funded through annual contributions and takes in almost $60 million per year.

Interpol hails as one of the largest intergovernmental organizations ever created, second only to the United Nations.  Being an inter governmental cross-country police force, Interpol must remain politically neutral as to avoid accusations of only serving the will of the people of one country or some countries and thereby neglecting the others.

Interpol’s constitution forbids them from involvement in these following categories:

  • Involvement in crimes that do not overlap several member countries
  • Involvement in Political Crimes
  • Involvement in Military Crimes
  • Involvement in Religious Crimes
  • Involvement in Racial Crimes

Interpol instead focuses on international  public safety concerns that overlap country borders including terrorism, organized crime, crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, piracy, illicit drug production & trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime and intellectual property crime.

CriminalBackgroundRecords.com includes a free Interpol search with all of its criminal background checks.  This search looks for Individuals wanted by national jurisdictions or the International Criminal Tribunals.  If a match is made our system will return the details concerning the individual including their photo and date of birth.   Interpol’s role is to assist the national police forces in identifying or locating these people.  When found Interpol seeks to arrest them and start the extradition process (i.e. the term “extradition” used here means the official surrendering of a suspected or convicted criminal by a state or nation).  Interpol circulates its warrants worldwide requesting that the wanted person(s) be arrested so the extradition process can commence.
Interpol releases two types of notices into circulation:

  • When there is an arrest warrant issued for a person wanted for prosecution.
  • When there is a court decision for a person wanted to serve a sentence.

A current case published on February 23, 2010 requested the intervention of Interpol by the government of Brazil to help track down fugitives believed to have fled the country.  Brazil’s judges will then send a national arrest warrant for these fugitives directly to Interpol (they will send it to Interpol’s branch in Brazil).  Then following the review of Interpol officials, Interpol will publish notices to all its 188 member countries, causing instant international police visibility, giving worldwide focus to the arrest and extradition of these fugitives.

Interpol members also spend time training individuals from member countries on many topics including how to prevent and prepare for bioterrorist attacks.  Interpol’s anti-bioterrorism efforts included a five day bioterrorism prevention and preparation course in Wellington, New Zealand held last month from February 15 -19 2010.  Bioterrorism is a threat that does not care about country borders as its affects are linked to proximity not political boundaries.  If chemical weapons were used in a bordering state or nation, the impact would surely affect neighboring nations.

Interpol’s website (www.interpol.int) receives approximately 2.2 million page visits every month.  In 2008 Interpol issued over 3,000 notices which led to the arrest of 718 people.

According to the Constitution used by INTERPOL, the organization is comprised of the following:
(The General Assembly and the Executive Committee form the organization’s Governance)
  • General Assembly
  • Executive Committee
  • General Secretariat
  • National Central Bureaus
  • Advisers
  • The Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files

General Assembly – INTERPOL’s supreme governing body, it meets annually and comprises delegates appointed by each member country. The assembly makes all important decisions related to policy, resources, working methods, finances, activities and programs.

Executive Committee – this 13-member committee is elected by the General Assembly, and comprises the president, three vice-presidents and nine delegates covering the four regions.

General Secretariat – located in Lyon, France, the General Secretariat operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is run by the Secretary General. Officials from more than 80 countries work side-by-side in any of the Organization’s four official languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish. The Secretariat has seven regional offices across the world; in Argentina, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, El Salvador, Kenya, Thailand and Zimbabwe, along with Special Representatives at the United Nations in New York and at the European Union in Brussels.

National Central Bureaus (NCB) – Each INTERPOL member country maintains a National Central Bureau staffed by national law enforcement officers. The NCB is the designated contact point for the General Secretariat, regional offices and other member countries requiring assistance with overseas investigations and the location and apprehension of fugitives.

Advisers – these are experts in a purely advisory capacity, who may be appointed by the Executive Committee and confirmed by the General Assembly

Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF) – this is an independent body whose mandate is threefold: (1) to ensure that the processing of personal information by INTERPOL complies with the Organization’s regulations, (2) to advise INTERPOL on any project, operation, set of rules or other matter involving the processing of personal information and (3) to process requests concerning the information contained in INTERPOL’s files.

Information Source:  www.interpol.int/public/icpo/default.asp

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County & Statewide Background Check vs. National Criminal Background Check

County Criminal Background Check & Statewide Background Check vs. National Criminal Background Check

Why there are advantages to using county and statewide criminal checks and why the best
solution maybe to incorporate a screening policy that uses both!

Statewide criminal background checks (with the exception of 4 states) currently can be performed in seconds through a background check provider like CriminalBackgroundRecords.com.  Statewide criminal background checks are currently the most popular criminal background check.  Statewide criminal checks in Wyoming, South Dakota, Massachusetts and Delaware either take days to complete or have to be researched county by county within the state.  County criminal background checks can be performed in all US Counties and take between a few hours to multiple days to complete.

Statewide background checks (at least those offered on CriminalBackgroundRecords.com) include other free searches in addition to checking court criminal records (usually felony or misdemeanor convictions).  These additional free searches pull data from the Department Of Corrections DOC, national sex offender registry (this is a 50 state search) and other independent databases like the International Terrorist Database.  Criminal records found in a statewide background check and the national criminal background check can go as far back as 70+ years.

There are over 3,100 counties in the USA (including parishes and atypical communities) and every standard county criminal background check researches the past 7 years of the person being investigated.  In some cases you may be able to have a court researcher go back 10 years. However, employers typically use the 7-year county criminal check as a standard and can not just periodically run a  10-year county criminal check on some applicants as that would make their employment screening policy inconsistent.  CriminalBackgroundRecords.com can perform county level criminal background checks in ANY United States County and has court researchers available whenever courts are open.

Here is a question that gets asked a lot along with the answer:
Why would you order a county criminal background check or statewide criminal background check when you can order a national background check?

Some of the main reasons include the following:

  • National criminal background checks cost more to perform
  • National criminal background checks currently do not include all 50 US States
  • National background checks are not as current and accurate as a county level criminal background check

It is standard policy for CriminalBackgroundRecords.com employment screening customers to first run either a statewide background check or national criminal background check; and then if a record is found that needs further clarification, CriminalBackgroundRecords.com will conduct a county level criminal background check in the county in question FOR FREE for their monthly billed employment screening clients.  Then the results of the county check goes to the employer and they now have the most current and accurate record available and can therefore make a hiring decision based on it.

CriminalBackgroundRecords.com premier members (members who meet certain requirements – like specific volume amounts) get billed monthly, get discounted pricing and are offered other special features and benefits that can help keep them efficient and effective.  Employment Screening customers get a platform that assists them to be compliant along with documents such as, “Your Rights under the FCRA” and “Adverse Action Letters” etc…   CriminalBackgroundRecords.com offers these documents and others like them to its employment screening customer’s every day.

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