Ban-The-Box is Prompting Employers to Review Employment Screening Policies

The Ban-the-Box initiative is showing a trend across the nation as more cities and States add such legislation forcing employers in those jurisdictions to review their employment screening policies. As Ban-the-Box laws get passed employers who have to abide by these new laws cannot immediately disqualify a job candidate due to checking off the box that asks if the applicant has a criminal record or not. Instead employers need to wait until at least an interview with the applicant has taken place and cannot run criminal background checks on the job applicant until after that interview or before hiring if the candidate was in fact otherwise qualified for the job.

Ban-the-Box has become a catalyst for employment screening policy revisions across the country. It is important for employers to understand these laws so their employment screening policies and procedures are compliant with new laws governing the use of background checks in the hiring process. Employers should partner with a professional third party background screening company to help them become and remain compliant in a rapidly changing employment screening environment. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at:


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