Dealing with Discrepancies in Criminal Records Reports

The criminal record retrieval industry is not a perfect industry and criminal records found may not be yours or the person being investigated.  With most criminal record matching logic being based solely on name match only pairing, the possibilities of false positives can be alarming.  For people just looking for as much public records as they can find on an individual sorting through these numerous records is bearable, however not for human resources.  Using criminal records searching as part of the employment screening process is becoming more precise with less arbitrary data being reviewed or even considered.  Modern day human resources only want to see relevant criminal records on prospective hires and want to know that the criminal records returned actually belong to the person being investigated. is leading the industry in this area and has processes and operations in place to deal with discrepancies in criminal record reports as well as the ability to facilitate removal and or expungement of certain court ordered criminal records.

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