Universities Adding Criminal History and Sex Offender Questions

The University of Washington recently made changes to their new student application process. They added questions asking if the applicant has had a violent criminal history or are registered sex offenders. The University will not automatically deny enrollment to any applicant that reveals this information to them, instead the application gets forwarded to a special committee for additional review. Other education institutions in the USA also ask questions during the student application process regarding criminal history and sex offender status. With the EEOC and ‘Ban the Box’ legislation going on in the country today it makes more and more sense for educational institutions to work with a professional third party background screening company to help keep their application process compliant with current law and trends. To read more about this subject read recent press release found at: http://www.criminalbackgroundrecords.com/news/2013-9-10-College-Applications-Include-Criminal-History-and-Sex-Offender-Questions.html

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