Background Checks for All Youth Sport Coaches

Although most employers in the USA utilize criminal background checks and other background checks as part of their employment screening process this has not occurred fully with organizations like schools, churches and any group involved with youth sports.  It seems like every day on the Internet there are articles about malfeasant coaches abusing youth athletes.
In Lafayette, Indiana an assistant boys volleyball coach was charged in child seduction and related charges.

From (Aug 22, 17)

Lafayette School Corp. Supt. Les Huddle said Barmby worked as a paraprofessional and substitute paraprofessional, in addition to being an assistant coach, for less than a year before she was terminated following the criminal investigation.

A Minnesota high school recently put a paid coach on administrative leave due to inappropriate and illegal behavior with a minor.

From (Aug 30, 17):

A Hudson High School junior varsity girls basketball coach has been placed on paid administrative leave after sexual assault-related charges were filed against him this week.

… has been charged with first-degree child sexual assault for having contact with a person under the age of 13, according to the filing. … has also been charged with repeated sexual assault of the same child, using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, and for causing a child ages 13-18 to view sexual activity.

A background check on a youth coach could include:

  •     Employment and / or volunteer verification
  •     Personal reference verification
  •     Education / Certificate verification
  •     Sexual Predator registry
  •     Criminal History Record search
  •     Department of Motor vehicles record check

It is very important that organizations throughout the country perform thorough background check on all volunteer and full time personnel.  This is especially important for coaches and volunteers that have access to the youth through sports programs and other youth programs.  When it is clear to new applicants pursuing a job that gives access to the youth that an in-depth background check will be conducted on them; one that includes public records like criminal background records and other records like driving records along with employment and education verifications, in-person interview and address history trace this knowledge could prevent malfeasant applicants with a criminal past to even apply for the position.

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