Retailers Should Vet Part-Time Help Same as Full-Time.

With Americans going back to school and retailers competing on prices for back-to-school items like pencils and notebooks the scent of winter and the holidays is already in the air.  Many retailers will soon be gearing up for the busy holiday season and once again will need to hire a wide variety of part-time/season help.  Even though most temporary jobs and seasonal employment do not  come with the benefits granted to full time help (mainly health insurance), these temporary or seasonal employees appear to inflict only small costs to their retail employer.  This is true except for one risk.  The risk that a temp, part-time or seasonal employee steals from you or causes damages to person or property while on the clock or worse.  With pre-employment background checks now available for $30 or less per applicant retailers can no longer go on not screening their new hires, part-time or full-time.

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